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  • 最新关于初二英语作文范文


    初二英语作文:Learn English 学习英

    We know it is difficult to learn English. My English is very good. I learn English like this.

    I Listen to the teacher carefully and write the important points down on my notebooks. After class I revise the lessons. Before class I prepare new lessons to find out the questions. Then I will listen carefully in class.

    I also listen to the tape, and speak English with my classmates in the classroom and on the playground. It’s to improve my listening and speaking.

    I keep a diary every day to practise my written English.

    Besides this, I often read English newspapers and magazines to enrich my knowlege on English culture.

    We will learn English well so long as we learn it hard.

    初二英语作文:My Hobbies

    I have many hobbies, such as playing computer games, reading comics, going shopping. I also like playing pingpong very much. I have a friend. His name is Nick. He is crazy about playing pingpong, too. If we have free time, we often play pingpong together. One summer holiday, he took me to a sports centre. Then we played pingpong together, but he always lost. He was very angry. He said to me, "I will beat you in a month.""OK. We will have a match at that time."After a month, when I talked to him about it, he answered,"I forgot the thing! I don't want to have a match with you." I was very surprised and angry and said,"Oh, you're a forgetful boy!”

    初二英语作文:My Best Friend

    I have a good friend. His name is Chin Daibe. He is 15 years old. We both want to be detectives. He is very clever. He is just a secondary school student but he is cleverer than any other student. I think he is as clever as a university school student. His favorite detective is Kindalchi Hajime. He wants to be just as famous when he grows up. He is as helpful and brave as Sherlock Holmes. He is generous to his friends, too. When he has some new detective books, he always shares with me. So I am willing to lend him books, too. His favorite writers are Jinguchi Lanbu and A.E.W. Mason. His favorite book is "At the Villa Rose". I think it is a good detective book, too. I really think he will be a very good detective. He is my best friend.

    初二英语作文:My Illusions

    When I was just a little girl, my relatives all said to me,"You are not a beautiful girl. If you want to be paid attention to, you must work harder than others."These words hurt me. So I wanted to be a beautiful girl, just like the Snow White. That was my illusion when I was five years old.

    I grew up. When I was ten years old, I wanted to be a scientist. I believed that if I was a world-famous scientist, I would be noticed by people all over the world. I could do many good things for them.

    Now I'm fifteen, I have my third illusion: I want to be a singer. Because I love singing. I love music. I even want to produce music myself. I also want to let the entire world hear my voice and my songs, though I'm not the best singer.

    I know all these are just my illusions. Maybe they will never come true. But I'm still very happy because of my illusions.

    初二英语作文:We Need To Be Understood

    Our parents love us very much. But sometimes we feel our parents love us in the wrong way.

    Now, we are middle school students. Our parents don't want us to do anything except study. If we want to help them do some housework, they say,"You should read books in your room."Sometimes we want to make some toys, such as model planes or boats, but they usually say,"Better not do this, I can buy everything you like. It is important for you to study hard.”

    Fathers and mothers! We know that you want to be good parents. But we have grown up and so we should learn how to organize our time, for study, housework and fun, by ourselves!

    初二英语作文:My sister

    My dream home is not very large.It's a wooden house.it is near the sea.I'd like to have 5 rooms in my home.I have a kitchen,a bathroom,a sitting room,a studyand my own bedroom.I like living near the sea because it is very quiet there.I can watch the sea and can always play on the beach.

    The furniture in my house is all made of wooden.

    It is good for our health.I like having a rest in my bedroom.I like listening to music of JJ while I'm reading books in my room.I always ask my friends to come here.

    the is 春节英语作文
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