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  • 中考英语作文Sample My hobbies

    中考英语作文Sample My hobbies

    Sample : My hobbies 个人爱好

    I have a lot of hobbies as same as others, for example: I like making friends and doing exercises as well as learning English, and so on. I think my hobbies are important not only for my study but also my life.

    By making friends, we can know more people and groups outside world, just like a song says that “ you will walk more smoothly if you have more friends”.

    Everyone knows that doing exercises is good for our health, and keep ourselves young and healthy, it will make us successful in our study.

    Learning English is a good hobby as well, we could make more foreign friends and learn western cultures, it will open our minds in the coming future.

    I am glad that I have such good hobbies, I will keep this forever.

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